We highly recommend watching the MIT Missing Semester lecture video Version Control (Git) (~1 hour) and reading the lecture notes. Their Resouces section is also helpful, reproduced here:

  • Pro Git is highly recommended reading. Going through Chapters 1–5 should teach you most of what you need to use Git proficiently, now that you understand the data model. The later chapters have some interesting, advanced material.
  • Oh Shit, Git!?! is a short guide on how to recover from some common Git mistakes.
  • Git for Computer Scientists is a short explanation of Git’s data model, with less pseudocode and more fancy diagrams than these lecture notes.
  • Git from the Bottom Up is a detailed explanation of Git’s implementation details beyond just the data model, for the curious.
  • How to explain git in simple words
  • Learn Git Branching is a browser-based game that teaches you Git.

MIT Missing Semester lecture: Version Control (Git)

The GitHub Hello World activity is a helpful 10-minute rundown of how to use Git with GitHub.