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What is hacking? :sunglasses:

No, it’s not digitally breaking into banks or other illegal activity, we’re talking about writing software for fun. Hacker culture is about making neat technical projects and learning along the way. Getting started is hard, so we created this website to help!

Is this for me? :thinking:

Whether you’re on your way to a hackathon, or just want to learn about coding, this website is for you.

StartHacking is an effort to give more people the tools and resources they need to start building software. Whether you are completely new to programming or have already attended a few hackathons, StartHacking can help you learn the skills you need for your next project. From learning new coding languages to building small projects and mastering APIs, StartHacking will show you the ropes. Welcome to the world of hacking!

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This guide is a wiki for hackers – it’s a community effort. We really appreciate all kinds of contributions, so if you have anything to add, please do so!

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