Mac Setup

First Steps

Before doing any serious hacking, you should install the Command Line Tools for Xcode and Homebrew. The CLI tools contain utilities and compilers such as make, gcc, git, and so on. Homebrew is a package manager for Mac OS X that makes it really easy to install stuff.

How to install the command line tools depends on the version of OS X that you are running. The following method should work in most cases: open up Terminal, run xcode-select --install, and follow the prompts to install the command line tools.

Installing Homebrew is really easy. Copy and paste the following string into a Terminal prompt, and press enter.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Afterwards, make sure to add the Homebrew binary path to your $PATH. The $PATH is where your computer goes to look for executables like Homebrew (specifically, the command line tool brew) to run. You can do this by appending the following line to your .bashrc (or equivalent for your shell):

export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH

Finally, make sure you have Python 3 installed! You can do that by running the following command.

brew install python3

Now you’re all set to start hacking!

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